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"They Never Stop Watching" Hoodie

"They Never Stop Watching" Hoodie

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"They Never Stop Watching" on the back made from 20 patches 

"Aim High" across the hood made from 7 patches

"Look Ma they stole my voice" / "HELP" on the front made from 20 patches

This hoodie is dedicated to the entertainment industry, as you take a closer look into the details you will see Brittany Spears head on BIGGIE's body and Marilyn Monroe on Michael Jacksons body (ft. on front). On the back someone is wearing Will Ferrells' face as a mask and Freddy Kreuger has MJ in this hand. 

This entire piece has a total of 73 patches.

44 T-shirts were upcycled to create this Hoodie  

Hand Dyed and Hand cut


Commissions are open for a similar piece or custom design, to inquire send us an email

 Once ordered a timeline of creation will be provided. We are able to accommodate some rush orders, let us know in the email when you need it by.

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