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"Our World is Fucked" HOODIE

"Our World is Fucked" HOODIE

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"Our World is Fucked" Sewn across the the hood 

"Extinction is Inevitable" Sewn around a picture of a paper target ft. a turkey

"What are you going to do to end the END?" on the right arm

This hoodie is an attempt at a wake up call. To look at all the destruction around us due to our negligence. The solution was never to find a new planet to colonize but finding ways to nurture and pour into what we have access to now. This piece utilizes 100 patches from 60+ unwanted shirts.

This piece is truly a 1 of 1. A commission for a piece like this will be created with the same theme however dyes and patch usage will be different.  

Hand Dyed and Hand cut


Commissions are open for a similar piece or custom design, to inquire send us an email

 Once ordered a timeline of creation will be provided. We are able to accommodate some rush orders, let us know in the email when you need it by.

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